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Goldwork & Silverwork Kits

We have all that you need to create a stunning project in Goldwork & Silverwork.
Goldwork & Silverwork kits are created by Rajmahal in Australia and use Rajmahal Silk Floss and Sadi Thread. Sadi thread is a coiled spiralled wire with a hollow central tube and is used to highlight and enhance silk embroidery.
All kits include pre-printed fabric, Rajmahal silk floss, Sadi thread, beads & sequins(if used in project), needles & complete instructions.
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Fishes from Bangalore - Silverwork
Kit includes pre-printed fabric, Rajmahal silk floss, Sadi thread, beads & sequins (if used in the project), needles and complete instructions. Design size - 10x18cm
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Fishes from Bangalore - Silverwork  ON SALE
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