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Eyelash Splash Ribbon

Eyelash Splash is a perfect trim for creating Fiber Lace or embellishing your favorite project. It includes a 1/2" ribbon lash and is made from 100% Nylon.

Eyelash Splash will stitch thru any fabric using a size 16 Chenille needle and is washable so try it today with our fabulous sweatshirt collection or add it on your favorite project.

Add any of these stunning colors with one easy click!

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Heather Eyelash Splash5 yards - Heather colors include sand, sage, wedgewood & orchid. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Amethyst Eyelash Splash5 yards - Amethyst colors include purple, rasberry, copper, celery & blue. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Serengeti Eyelash Splash 5 yards - Serengeti colors include black, rust, gold, azure & plum. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
USA Eyelash Splash5 yards - USA colors include red, white & blue. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Malachite Eyelash Splash5 yards - Malachite colors include dark green, wine, copper & teal. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Chili Pepper Eyelash Splash5 yards - Chili Pepper colors include red, teal, hotpink & orange. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
SeaShell Eyelash Splash5 yards - SeaShell colors include soft pink, butter, celery, pale blue & lavender. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Irish Cream Eyelash Splash5 yards - Irish Cream colors include white, ecru, cocoa & gray. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Mango Eyelash Splash5 yards - Mango colors include salmon, butter, sage, lt blue rose. $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Ice Eyelash Splash5 yards $4.00 Add to Shopping Bag

* All amounts are US Dollars

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