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Peluche is a fun furry fiber that can be used for any type of needlework. It is strong and durable and won't shed when you pull it through fabric or canvas. You can wash and dry Peluche so feel free to use it when stitching on wearables. It is perfect for Embroidery, Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, Smocking, Couching and more. It is 85% Rayon and 15% Nylon and is packaged in 10 yard cards. Made in Italy, add any of thes fabulous colors with one easy click.

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Click To Enlarge Product Description Price * Buy Me
Butter - 775/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Garden - 882/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Sea Mist - 634/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Deep Forest - 600/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Black Cherry - 524/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Love - 472/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Alfalfa - 323/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Argento - 231/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Raisin - 226/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag
Paprika - 113/Peluche $3.00 Add to Shopping Bag

* All amounts are US Dollars

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